Toolyze is a combination of tool and analyze. Here you can find my software tools to analyze and change different kind of files. Mostly I have written these tools for my own interest, but sometimes I do them on request.

2023-01-01:   LibertyBASIC TKN Utilities v1.13 released
2022-12-26:   Toolyze UPS Patcher v1.0.0.2 released
2022-05-09:   LibertyBASIC TKN Utilities v1.12 released
2022-03-20:   LibertyBASIC TKN Utilities v1.11 released
2019-07-25:   Toolyze UPS Patcher v1.0.0.1 released
2018-11-04:   Toolyze UPS Patcher v1.0.0.0 released
2017-06-03:   LibertyBASIC TKN Utilities v1.10 released

last modified: 2024-02-10